Flight attendant goes viral on TikTok for revealing the dirtiest place on an airplane

Brianna Reeves
flight attendant tiktok dirtiest airplane places

A flight attendant went viral on TikTok for disclosing the surface on commercial airplanes that plays host to the most germs.

People have always considered airplanes germ-ridden, filthy places. After all, commercial aircraft are public transportation hubs that serve passengers from all over the globe. Dirtiness seems a given.

However, the global pandemic appears to have taught everyone a valuable lesson in cleanliness, forcing airliners to take extra precautions.

But according to one flight attendant on social media, those extra precautions do not extend to every high-touch surface on an airplane.

Flight attendant’s viral TikTok details the grimiest place on planes

A TikTok user who goes by Flight Bae B recently revealed a travel trip that frequent flyers will want to hear about.

In a recent post, the flight attendant disclosed the dirtiest surface on commercial aircraft. It’s not the public restroom, seat cushions, or even tray tables.

“Seat back pockets are actually the dirtiest surface on the aircraft,” Flight Bae B told her followers. While airlines make sure that areas such as the restroom and seat cushions regularly get disinfected, the seat back pockets “are never cleaned.”

Apparently, the only time the pockets receive attention is when someone vomits or there’s a gross substance coming out of them.

The comments on the flight attendant’s TikTok video seem understandably disgusted by the news. “I usually put my phone there,” one person wrote, to which Flight Bae B responded with, “Stop it lol.”

In addition, the TikToker acknowledged that parents placing dirty diapers in seat back pockets is a “crowd favorite” in response to another user.

Travelers would do well to disinfect the pockets themselves or avoid using them altogether.