Steam accepting The Last of Us refunds no matter the playtime

Cassidy Stephenson
last of us pc reviews

Steam is reportedly accepting refunds for the PC port of The Last of Us Part I, regardless of the hours spent on the negatively reviewed title.

In February 2023, developer Naughty Dog announced it had delayed the release of The Last of Us Part I PC port by three weeks. The game studio claimed the date had been pushed back to ensure the title was “in the best shape possible.” However, that extra time didn’t stop the game’s widespread criticism.

With The Last of Us formerly being a PlayStation exclusive, PC fans eagerly anticipated the port’s launch. However, unhappy fans labeled the title “the single worst PC port.” The sheer number of complaints led to some players demanding refunds.

The Last of Us Part I PC port completely missed the mark

last of us pc port

On the PC Gaming subreddit, Reddit user Turbostrider27 revealed Steam had started accepting refunds of The Last of Us PC port. Typically, Steam’s refund policy allows users to return games with under two hours played if they purchased them less than two weeks ago.

The problems with The Last of Us PC port ranged from general performance issues, including increased loading times. The game has also frequently crashed on players and caused severe graphical errors. After hearing Batman: Arkham Knight’s Iron Galaxy would develop the port, fans initially worried about these glitches.

“The irony is, I’m pretty sure Iron Galaxy’s port of Arkham Knight was the straw that finally broke the camel’s back and forced Valve to introduce the refund system they have in place today,” LeHoz wrote. “Seems like refunds follow this studio around like a bad smell.”

Furthermore, users guessed what went wrong with the PC port. “Performance reviews show that 8GB VRAM is not enough, and it’s what’s causing the major issues,” 0v3rcl0ck3r claimed. “The 16GB or even 12GB VRAM requirement on 1080p is just unacceptable.”

Naughty Dog later responded to the public outcry on the underperformance of the PC port. The studio claimed it was “actively investigating” the mentioned issues and would eventually provide updates. It’s currently unknown if Naughty Dog can fix the severely broken game.

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