Last of Us Part 1 user reviews call it the “single worst PC port”

last of us pc reviewsSony

The Last of Us Part 1’s PC port has already received a storm of negative Steam reviews, thanks in no small part to crashing problems.

The Last of Us Part 1 marks the latest first-party Sony game to make the jump to Steam and the Epic Games Store. Excitement for this particular release especially hit a fever pitch after HBO’s acclaimed adaptation.

However, many players had doubts given the pedigree of the port house behind the PC version – Iron Galaxy. After all, few have forgotten the disastrous launch of Batman: Arkham Knight on PC in 2015.

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Others were willing to reserve judgment for launch day, however. And now that such a day has arrived, the user reviews are in – they’re not exactly glowing, either.

Last of Us Part 1’s PC port receives “mostly negative” reviews

As of writing, TLoU Part 1’s user scores on Steam read as “mostly negative,” with only 35 percent of roughly 2,300 reviews being labeled as “positive.”

Most of the “Not Recommended” reviews call out the game’s crashing issues. One person who played for two hours dubbed it a “Crashing Simulator,” claiming to have encountered 12 crashes and over half a dozen freezing errors.

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“Another shoddy port by Iron Galaxy,” someone else wrote before identifying problems such as stuttery mouse camera movements, HW utilization, and general optimization. Apparently, the most stuttering is the same hiccup that plagued the Uncharted Collection’s PC port at launch.

last of us pc reviewsSony

Others were less verbose in their assessment, but still got the point across. “Wow, this runs like crap,” read the text of another “Not Recommended” review.

“The single worst PC port I have ever seen,” lamented a player who said they’ve waited 10 years to play The Last of Us.

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Suffice it to say, the Steam reviews aren’t painting the prettiest picture of what users can expect from The Last of Us’ long-awaited PC build.

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