The Last of Us loses Steam Deck stamp of approval after buggy PC launch

Joel from The Last of Us Part 1 and Steam DeckNaughty Dog / Valve

After a rough and buggy launch on PC, The Last of Us has been labeled ‘unsupported’ on Steam Deck.

Valve’s handheld console is one of the best ways to play games on the go, so naturally, once The Last of Us TV show came to an end, many fans who own a Steam Deck may have wanted to play the game on their devices.

It’s no news that The Last of Us Part 1 is currently a bit of a mess on PC, with multiple reports of crashing and performance issues. With a lot of work still needing to be done, Valve has now officially marked the game as ‘unsupported’ on the Steam Deck.

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In a recent Tweet, Naughty Dog mentioned that they are ‘actively investigating’ The Last of Us PC port issues and their current focus is to improve its performance with hotfixes and an upcoming patch.

“While we know many of you would like to play The Last of Us Part I on Steam Deck, we are prioritizing fixes and patches before submitting it for verification,” they tweeted.

After recommending 16GB of RAM as a minimum requirement, players did not expect the game to underperform to such an extent. One Steam user even branded it the “single worst PC port” they had ever seen.

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This has reportedly led to Steam giving out refunds for The Last of Us, regardless of how long people have played the game.

It’s unclear how long the devs will take to fully optimize the Steam Deck version. Considering their priority is to improve the game’s current PC performance, it can be assumed that a properly working Steam Deck version is still a long way off.

You can still play The Last Of Us on the Steam Deck if you wish, but the fact that it’s been marked as ‘unsupported’ by Valve means the performance is probably going to be quite poor.

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