PlayStation Showcase Leaks Unlikely to Appear

PlayStation Showcase Fake Leaks

A PlayStation Showcase is an exciting time. It’s a chance to finally get a glimpse or an update on multiple games we’ve been looking forward to. It also helps set our gaming agendas for the next twelve months, or a significant portion of it.

Each show usually ends with a big reveal. Something that keeps us talking for weeks to come, and we expect tonight’s show will be no different. Let’s not forget, the PS5 console was revealed during a digital PlayStation Showcase, so expectations will be high.

Fans are desperately hoping to learn more about God of War Ragnarok, Horizon Forbidden West, Gran Turismo 7, and many more. Each has a high probability of being included, but some rumors are less realistic.

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PlayStation Showcase – Dubious leaks

The rumor mill often goes into overdrive before a big gaming event. Some leaks or predictions turn out to be genuine, especially if they’re from a source that has been reliable in the past. Others are clearly less trustworthy, with some being downright hilarious.

David Jaffe, who worked on previous God of War games, didn’t so much as make a prediction but wrote a list of games he would rather not see. Many people expect he will be disappointed.

We’ve also caught a glimpse of a leak that claims to know the entire rundown of the PlayStation Showcase. We’re confident this isn’t accurate due to its inclusion of producer Teruyuki Toriyama – who left Sony in 2020.

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Another good Samaritan took to 4chan to reveal the entire rundown, prefacing it with the usual line that telegraphs a fake leak. The issue with this one is that it claims the Call of Duty: Vanguard multiplayer trailer will drop during the event. Slight problem though, it already has.

This ‘leak’ also claimed that Sony would reveal a new DLC chapter for The Last of Us Part 2 titled, The Last of Us: Brotherly Love. While this leaker certainly gets points for effort, a title like “Brotherly Love” is not really on-brand for The Last of Us.

PlayStation Showcase Leaks


Another rather random (and unlikely) leak involves a fake retail listing of a Men in Black game. This one claimed that Sony Bend, the team behind Days Gone, would be making a new IP based on that franchise. The problem is the studio has already confirmed they are working on something else.

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Another new PSP rumor

One rumor that always surfaces during big Sony events is that a new PSP will appear. This one is tricky because the success of the Nintendo Switch means Sony will have considered the idea. The problem is that they’ve attempted this twice before.

Despite its failure, the PS Vita was arguably ahead of its time. The only question is, would Sony want to risk this happening a third time? The PSP 5G may exist behind closed doors if various patents are to be trusted. But whether Sony ever decides to release it is another story entirely. The chances of it appearing at the PlayStation Showcase are slim to none.

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The showcase air on YouTube and Twitch at 1 PM PT / 4PM EST/9 PM BST/10 PM CEST on September 9.