The Last of Us fans fear the worst as Pedro Pascal wraps filming for Season 2

Eleni Thomas
Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey in The Last of Us

Pedro Pascal has reportedly already wrapped filming for The Last of Us season 2, with fans now fearing the worst for the fate of his character Joel Miller.

Season 1 of the HBO adaptation of The Last of Us was praised by fans and critics alike. Well and truly defying the video game adaptation curse to deliver one of the most successful shows in recent years and a record-breaking smash-hit for HBO. In light of this, the lead-up to season 2 of the series has been heavily publicized and scrutinized by fans. 

Largely because Season 2 looks set to focus on the events of the second game. A sequel that divided fans due to its polarizing narrative. The character development of Joel, Ellie, and more all taking a turn that shocked many.

Now, recent updates about Pedro Pascal’s filming schedule for The Last of Us Season 2 has fans worried about Joel Miller. 

Joel and Ellie in HBO's The Last of Us
The Last of Us season 1 was a giant hit for HBO

Be warned, spoilers for The Last of Us Part II ahead.

The Last of Us Part II divided fans when it was released, to put it lightly. The sequel was gritty, dark and most of all, killed off Joel Miller in the opening act. The original main character and the man who saved Ellie’s life was gone in a matter of hours.

According to DanielRPK, Pedro Pascal has officially wrapped filming for The Last of Us Season 2. This comes just weeks after production got underway.

Given that the rest of the cast is still shooting, it looks inevitable Joel will meet a similar fate in the TV adaptation and be killed off early on in the story.

For Joel Miller fans, this reality is a hard one to face. Many shared their reactions to the news across social media platform X (formerly Twitter).

“Damn, and they just started filming,” wrote one fan. Another added, “So Joel dies in the show just like in Part 2 confirmed. I’m not ready to go through this again.”

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