The Last of Us remake trailer & release date confirmed for PC & PS5

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Sony’s long-rumored The Last of Us remake release will release late this year for PS5, and is confirmed for development on PC too.

The first rumblings about The Last of Us remake hit the web a little over a year ago, thanks to a Bloomberg report regarding a shakeup within Sony Interactive Entertainment.

Allegedly, PlayStation’s not-so-secret San Diego production team, the Visual Arts Service Group, had previously served as lead developer on the remake project.

For reasons unknown, Sony ultimately handed the reins back to Last of Us creator Naughty Dog. Neither entity has acknowledged the new game’s existence as of yet, but a leaked trailer has confirmed the remade version of Joel’s and Ellie’s first adventure could arrive later in 2022.

The Last Of Us remake trailer

The trailer was leaked early via Sony’s official website:

The Last of Us Remake release date

The Last of Us Remake will release on September 2, 2022, for PlayStation 5.

Right now, the trailer only confirms the PS5 release date, but the trailer does say that it is also in development for PC.

Last of Us’ remake could release on PC

last of us remake release rumor Joel Ellie TLoU’s remake is allegedly on track for a September launch.

A cryptic post from leaker and Twitter user The Snitch has many convinced that Naughty Dog’s rumored The Last of Us remake release will arrive in September for PC and PS5 platforms.

The leaker’s vague tweet merely features the text “PART 1” followed by the date 02-09-2022 – the same date as the PS5 release.. Emojis for a gamepad and laptop round out the mysterious social media post.

Of course, “PART 1” could translate to TLOU Part 1, with the two emojis possibly hinting at a console and PC launch. And given that February 2 has already come and gone, the 02-09 date must mean that something’s in the works for September 2 of this year.

The Last of Us doesn’t serve as the only popular guess for the supposed leak in question. Some fans think Final Fantasy VII Remake’s first part could finally receive an Xbox and Steam release.

Meanwhile, others have high hopes that something will soon come of the long-running Metal Gear Solid remake rumors.

With Summer Game Fest kicking off on June 9, it’s possible The Snitch’s cryptic tweet will begin to make sense in the near future. As always, though, fans would do well to take such leaks with a grain of salt.

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