Joel voice actor Troy Baker responds to huge The Last of Us 2 spoilers

Joe Craven
Naughty Dog

Troy Baker, the actor behind main protagonist Joel from The Last of Us, has responded to the huge leaks that revealed multiple plot points in Naughty Dog’s upcoming dystopian game. 


This article is spoiler free. 

Few games of the past decades have been as anticipated as Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us 2. The first game chronicled the journey of Joel and Ellie across a post-apocalyptic United States, and is often regarded as one of the finest single-player campaigns ever.

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The acclaimed Californian studio confirmed the sequel back in 2016, but it has been hit by multiple delays. A June 2020 release date has finally been settled on, but monumental leaks then surfaced on the internet, spoiling the game for many.

Naughty Dog
Trailers have indicated Ellie will be the sequel’s main character.

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Naughty Dog and its studio lead Neil Druckmann have responded multiple times to the leaks, asking players to stick with them and avoid spoilers as best they can.

On May 9, Joel actor Troy Baker also broke his silence regarding the game’s leaks, explaining why he doesn’t think they matter.

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“Oh dude, it doesn’t matter,” he said, during an Instagram Live Q&A. “Look, if you think that game [TLOU2] can be ruined by a couple of screenshots… really? A studio with thirty plus years of development, with so many awards under their belt they can’t even put them all in one trophy closet.”


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Baker continued: “This is the biggest, most ambitious game they’ve ever done. You really think that that experience can be undone by a couple of screenshots? Think six years of development can be undone by that? It’s a game, it’s a game. You have to experience it. That’s all I’m gonna say.”

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Essentially, Baker is arguing that the upcoming Naughty Dog title is so deep and engaging that some leaked screenshots do nothing to detract from the game’s impact and the level of enjoyment players will get from it.

Naughty Dog are indeed one of the most acclaimed game studios of all time, with nearly every title they’ve released receiving overwhelming critical praise. The Last of Us 2 is set to drop on PS4 on June 19, 2020, barring any further delays.

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