Tekken 7 producer hits back at trolls over Leroy balance concerns

Dustin Steiner
Bandai Namco

After EVO Japan’s Tekken 7 top 8 was dominated by Leroy players, angry players began harassing one of the game’s key ambassadors to the English speaking world, Michael Murray. 

To say that fans were displeased with an Evo Japan 2019 top 8 with seven Leroy Smith players would be an understatement. The character, one that many are calling overtuned and easily abused, has dominated the Tekken scene since his debut.

While the character was patched earlier today, that didn’t stop the community from launching insults towards Bandai Namco and one of its lead Tekken producers.

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This led to the point where Murray had enough, stating the trolls would just be blocked, and apologizing to “real fans” who wanted a dialogue with Bandai Namco.

The patch that was released today did nerf a majority of Leroy’s moveset, but these changes were scheduled before Evo Japan was even set to take place.

Some of the nerfs include a greater distance between Leroy and his opponent when hit, and the third hit of his down + 2 + 3 launcher has gone from +8 on block to -7, leaving him incredibly vulnerable if this string is blocked.

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Other changes include various damage reductions on some of his attacks and strings. Further changes to Leroy are expected as part of what Murray referred to as a “more thorough patch.”

Evo Japan 2020 was taken home by Talon Esports player Book, who managed to defeat Julia player Mikio in two straight sets, 3-2.

Leroy Smith debuted on December 10, 2019, and was the first character in Tekken 7 to not appear in a previous Tekken game as DLC, aside from guest characters. The American martial artist was part of the season 3 patch and specializes in the Wing Chun fighting style.

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The release timing of this future patch for Fahkumram’s release has yet to be announced.

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