Kazuya dominates Tekken 8 CNT as players call for nerfs

Carver Fisher
Kazuya dominates CNT Tekken 8

Kazuya is one of the most powerful characters in the Tekken universe, but players who have hopped into Tekken 8’s CNT have noticed that his power level is a little too lore-accurate. Players are calling for nerfs ASAP.

The Mishima Family is central to the storyline of Tekken, and, though that story may get ridiculous at times, diehard fans of the series are always looking forward to where events will take the Mishimas next.

With Heihachi dead, the story of Tekken 8 sees Kazuya in a position to take over the world as the head of both the G Corporation and the Mishima Zaibatsu. With the Devil Gene powers on his side, he’s pulling out his demonic moves more than ever in Tekken 8 with a move set that makes the most of his devilish powers.

However, some of the combos that move set provides may have made Kazuya a bit too powerful in Tekken 8’s CNT. Even those who like to play the character are calling for nerfs as he dominates the early days of the Closed Network Test.

Tekken 8 CNT players want Kazuya “nerfed ASAP”

Though Tekken 7 was a fairly balanced game that allowed many different fighters to remain viable for most of its life cycle, there were a few points in the game’s history where certain characters dominated the competition.

The launch of both Leroy Smith and Fakhumram ushered in an era where the two dominated at every level of play, leading to both characters subsequently receiving some heavy nerfs.

Fans surely hoped that Tekken 8 wouldn’t have any similar standout characters and that everyone would be a viable pick, but Kazuya’s state on the Tekken 8 CNT has players worried. One string in particular is so powerful that he can end rounds in a matter of seconds.

Tekken pro JoKa discovered how powerful this string was when labbing with Kazuya, and he’s one of many who’s been able to utilize the Mishima’s most powerful string to decimate his opponent.

All it took was three combos to take down his opponent in less than 10 seconds. And JoKa hasn’t been the only one to notice, either.

Even players casually learning the game have discovered this string and are making quick work of their opponents.

On top of doing a massive amount of damage, this string has a mix of highs and lows that makes it incredibly difficult to block against. So, even if the damage ends up getting nerfed, it’s possible that this string could still be a force to be reckoned with that requires a bit more attention to be balanced.

That said, this is a closed beta. There are bound to be a few parts of the game that haven’t been fully balanced yet, and players are bound to discover the best fighters as the Closed Network Test gets into players’ hands.

It remains to be seen if Kazuya gets nerfed before Tekken 8’s launch, or perhaps even in the CNT window.

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