Zowie reveals ridiculously fast 540Hz monitor but you can’t buy one yet

Sayem Ahmed
Zowie gaming monitor

Gaming monitor leaders Zowie have just announced a new gaming monitor set for 2024, named the XL2586X, its refresh rate can drive to a blistering 540Hz.

Getting a gaming monitor is complicated. You have to think about many factors, like what resolution to target, which games you want to play, what panel type you want to use, and more. but, Zowie has long since cornered the elusive “esports” focused gaming monitor segment. We even checked out one of their panels earlier this year.

But, 2024 appears to be the year of the high-speed 500Hz+ premium esports gaming monitor, as Zowie has just revealed the XL2586X, which can reach up to 540Hz in gaming workloads.

The new monitors also integrate a second-generation DyAc2 dual-backlight system, which allows for less ghosting on the panel, making things look incredibly sharp while you are in game. The announcement comes alongside the XL2546X too, which offers a 240Hz panel. You should expect both panels to run at 1080p resolution, for maximum framerates while you game. Expect titles like CS2, Valorant, and Overwatch 2 to make full use of a panel like this.

No pricing details yet

Both monitors will be available in early 2024, however, Zowie has not announced any pricing details for either monitor. We’re expecting more details to be revealed around CES 2024. But, regardless, if you want to drive the higher-end 540Hz panel, you might need a pretty beefy PC and GPU to drive all those frames. If you are less competitively inclined, you may wish to pick up a different monitor instead, as these are specifically designed for esports performance. It wouldn’t be surprising to see the 540Hz panel showing up at esports tournaments and in pro-player setups in the future, too.

It’s also important to note that this isn’t the first-ever 540Hz panel on the market, with Asus beating Zowie to the punch with their PG2448QP gaming monitor.