Acer 240Hz gaming monitor price slashed by 49% off in Amazon deal

Sayem Ahmed
Asus gaming monitor on orange background

Looking for a new gaming monitor? You could get a new 240Hz Acer gaming monitor at almost half price in this absolute steal of a deal at Amazon.

If you’re looking for killer esports performance, then getting an Acer gaming monitor might be your best bet. It’s no good having a modern gaming system that’s capable of pushing high framerates without an appropriate monitor to accompany it.

For those who are in the market for a new display, the Acer XZ270 Xbmiipx (who names these things?!) 27-inch monitor is on sale at almost half price, bringing the panel to just over $150. This is one of the best deals for a gaming monitor we’ve seen on this side of Black Friday, so be sure to snap one up quickly if you’re interested.

Perfect for esports and budget gamers

If you’re looking for a panel that will be able to keep pace with the likes of popular GPUs like the recently released RTX 4070 Super at 1080p, you should look no further than this. While the panel boasts a large 27-inch panel, its resolution comes in at 1080p, which means that you could achieve a lot of these framerates in games, especially if you’re looking to play simpler titles.

Another benefit of sticking with 1080p is that more modest systems can also make use of the refresh rate on offer here, you should expect to max this monitor out in titles like CS2, Valorant, and Overwatch 2 with absolute ease. Why break the bank with a more expensive monitor, when there’s just no need to? With prices for the highest-end QD-OLED models spiraling, sometimes just getting something a bit simpler is better than saving for an eternity to buy a cutting-edge model.

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