You probably shouldn’t put this tiny RTX 3060 GPU in your PC

Joel Loynds
RTX 3060 being turned into the smaller one

A Reddit user has made their own custom Nvidia RTX 3060 graphics card out of 3D printed materials. However, was the endeavor all in vain?

We’ve seen people make bizarre alterations to their PC hardware before. Giant keyboards, or butchering a Steam Deck to resemble the Nintendo Switch. However you cut it, it’s a slightly nerve-wracking side of the hobby.

the tiny RTX 3060

None more so than someone taking an Nvidia RTX 3060 and cramming it into a 3D-printed shell. Reddit user shared their new design on the PC Master Race subreddit, where they’d used PLA to design their own super tiny GPU.

Intended for an ITX case, it features a single fan and is built out of a Gainward RTX 3060 Pegasus. There’s one major flaw though, as the card wouldn’t be possible in its current state.

3D printed RTX GPU would probably melt in the PC

In the Reddit thread, Clashmains_2-account details that the PLA plastic would begin to warp or melt at nearly 60 degrees Celsius, something that the RTX 3060 is very good at reaching. As soon as the shroud begins to break down, the rest of the GPU exposes the risk of a fire.

Clashmains does say that the temperatures remained the same as in the regular housing, but it’s assumed that true sustained use would probably kill the card along with the whole PC.

However, the modder does mention that there are potential methods of keeping the RTX 3060 from burning up:

“Deformation starts at around 60C and the Finstack gets really hot.

“The part that holds the fan in [picture] 6 (with the three arms) started to curve downwards (GPU installed vertically).

“The bigger parts are intact, but who knows how long [they] could withstand the temperatures. ABS or PETG would be [the] right call, as they withstand higher temps.”

Other Redditors also chimed in to say that alternative materials would probably be a good way to a successful modification next time. We recently saw a 3D-printed rocket engine, and while Clashmain wouldn’t be able to print to this level, PETG is pretty sturdy under intense temperatures.