Tesla Cybertruck turned into a PC case in unofficial homage

Rosalie Newcombe
The Computex 2024 logo underneath an official promotional image of the Tesla Cybertruck.

The Tesla Cybertruck has been spotted at this year’s Computex 2024 in the form of a compact Mini PC.

Tech trade shows and unique gaming PCs go hand in hand. In January 2024, the CES 2024 showroom floor was home to a gigantic shark-shaped PC and a sea of uniquely designed builds and cases.

At Computex, a mini-PC has been spotted that closely resembles the Tesla Cybertruck, but it’s not an official Tesla product.

Posted on X/Twitter by Domenico Lamberti, the Cybertruck PC is the latest creation by OEM manufacturer Jumper. While there’s only one image to go off, the mini PC case appears to be crammed into a reproduction of the in-famous electric pickup truck.

As a mini PC, the Cyberpunk PC isn’t as big a beast as the real thing. However, the case still looks incredibly detailed and accurate. Even the car doors appear to be entirely functional and can open and close, with the headlights also appearing to light up when turned on.

Originally spotted by videocardz, the main components of the Cybertruck PC are all tucked away in the trunk. Accessing them requires removing the back bumper, where the HDMI, USB-C, and USB-A ports are all hidden away.

Despite currently being on the Computex 2024 show floor, nothing has been announced about the Cybertruck Mini PC. There are no available listings for the Tesla-inspired build, nor any spec information available from the single promotional display found at the event.

For now, we have no indication of what pixel-pushing power the PC is capable of, or how much it’s likely going to cost. Regardless, it can’t be more than the $81,895 starting price of the real-life Tesla Cybertuck.

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