Starforge Systems upgrades controversial $999 Horizon PC

Dylan Horetski
Starforge Systems Upgrade Horizon PC

OTK-Backed Starforge Systems has announced an upgrade to their $999 Horizon PC following backlash received after launching the company.

OTK Network, the influencer organization ran by the likes of Asmongold, Mizkif, Sodapoppin, and more, partnered with YouTuber MoistCr1TiKal to launch their very own PC building company Starforge Systems.

The company was quickly hit with backlash over overpriced PCs, which prompted Moist to confirm that they will lower the price $100 on every build they offer.

However, fans still weren’t happy with their “budget” offering as it was outclassed by just about every other prebuilt PC in its price range.

To remedy this, Starforge has announced that they are upgrading the Horizon PC with a better CPU and GPU, although they’re reverting the price to its original $999.

Starforge Systems upgrades Horizon PC

Announced on August 12, Starforge Systems revealed what parts of the Horizon PC will be upgraded.

“Our Horizon PCs will now feature an upgraded i5-11400F and an AMD RX 6600XT in lieu of the original i3 and 1660TI!” they tweeted. “Those who have already ordered a Horizon PC will have the option of upgrading for free to these parts before they are shipped out.”

With the upgraded CPU and significantly newer GPU in their budget build, Starforge has proven that they are listening to their customers.

Fans quickly took to the replies of the tweet to express their thoughts about the upgrade, with most of them being positive.

One user said: “Wow!! it´s a huge upgrade. we can see the work you´re putting to place your prices in the market and this is fantastic!”

A second fan replied: “That is now a really good price and a capable gaming machine. Considering you use adequate quality retail components. I like it that you listened to the feedback.”

However, others think they still have room for improvement: “Wish they spent an extra $2 on a better PSU, but it shouldn’t be an issue unless/until you need to put a 3000 series GPU in it.”

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