Sony’s new Mocopi device hyped as game changer for VTuber motion tracking

Andrew Amos
Sony Mocopi motion tracking with VTuber

3D VTubing has often lagged behind its “2D” counterpart due to a gap in technology and cost. However, Sony’s new Mocopi device has been hyped as a game changer for motion tracking, reducing the barrier of entry on both fronts.

VTubing takes many forms, but 3D models are few and far between. While some streamers have 3D-style models, not many streamers use full motion tracking technology in their broadcasts.

You might see full motion tracking on the biggest of stages, like during a concert featuring big agency names from Hololive and NIJISANJI. But run-of-the-mill streaming has thrived with Live2D and PNG models.

Sony’s newest innovation, the Mocopi, could bridge that gap though. It’s been hyped as a game changer for VTuber motion tracking, making 3D models more accessible than ever before.

It works by a user attaching six trackers to their body ⁠⁠— head, two arms, hips, and two legs. These trackers are super light at 8 grams a pop, and based on the promotional material, provide relatively realistic 3D tracking at a fraction of the cost. They don’t even require external base stations.

Sony has even marketed it towards VTubers with its dedicated smartphone app allowing users to record their movements to a model inside the program. This can then be sent to external software like VRChat and Unity, which is the building block for many tracking programs.

“Absolutely huge,” VShojo Chief Technical Officer ‘MowtenDoo’ said on Twitter. “We use enterprise-level tracking stuff mostly, but this (assumedly) lowers the cost of entry for mocap / 3D VTubing by a lot and makes it more accessible.”

“VTubers can finally do full body streaming outside their home with this technology?” streamer ‘Mao’ said. “Think about the use cases for this, you can use it for dance, workouts, cooking, sleeping, touching grass ⁠— all with your virtual avatar.”

Sony’s Mocopi is expected to release in late January 2023 for 49,500 Japanese Yen, or about $360 USD.

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