Sealed original iPhone sells for eye-watering price & Apple fans are baffled

Anurag Singh
Original iPhone in front of a pile of money generated in AI

A sealed original iPhone with 4GB storage has been sold at an auction for over $130,000, leaving Apple fans perplexed.

A sealed original iPhone was listed for auction earlier this month at LCG Auctions. It was noted to be in mint condition with no fading or dents in the packaging. LCG Auctions was hoping for the iPhone to fetch over $100,000, and it exceeded expectations, after being sold for $130,000.

However, Apple fans are surprised. “I will just never understand. A fool and their money are soon parted,” said one Reddit user. “What a worthless, pointless spend on a collectible piece of junk,” wrote another.

It’s not rare to see first-generation iPhone models fetch so much money in auctions. The 4GB model, specifically, attracts a lot of collectors because Apple only made it for two months. A sealed 4GB original iPhone is more valuable than the 8GB version.

One Reddit user jokingly states that there are newer and cheaper iPhone models available in the market. “Don’t they know there is a newer model? And cheaper?” they said.

LCG Auctions says the iPhone model in question is “Impressive throughout”.

“The front panel of the box exhibits bright color with no sign of fading. Imperfections are few. Seven of the eight corners are sharp, all edges are flawless, and each of the six panels appears factory fresh and retain perfect form. The factory seal is clean with correct seam details and tightness,” notes the auction house.

If you think $130,000 is a lot for a first-gen iPhone, consider that the same model with 4GB storage sold for over $190,000 last year in July, making this listing a comparative bargain.