RTX 4090 power adapter gets stress tested in shocking video

RTX 4090 Power adapter flamesDexerto

In a shocking video, we see Galax’s overclocking team attach the controversial RTX 4090 power adapter to two power supplies in order to stress test it. Don’t try this at home, kids.

Nvidia’s RTX 4090 power adapter has come under fire for melting some 16-pin power ports. The 12VHPWR adapter issue is so serious that Nvidia is reportedly rushing to solve the issue. This has caused many to try to perform their own investigations regarding the connector, too.

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4090 power adaptor meltedReddit
This particular cable is damaged beyond repair.

Igor’s Lab found that bending the adapter at a certain angle could cause some pins to break. Meanwhile, GamersNexus is attempting to gather data from its community with regards to the rating of the wires being used in order to gather a larger sample size of data. This could spell trouble for Nvidia’s 40-series GPUs, and their future. AMD has confirmed that its RDNA 3 graphics cards, such as the 7900 XT and XTX will not be using the 12VHPWR connector.

RTX 4090 power adapter stress tested

In a video from Teclab, an overclocking team associated with the Galax brand. We see them stress test the RTX 4090 power adapter cable in a shocking video. The attached the 12VHPWR connector up to two power supplies, in addition to deshrouding a part of the cable in order to see just how much torture the failure-prone power connector can take.

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The video shows the cable being bent at the especially fragile connection point. This is where many likely believe the source of the failure to be. Thisseems like a test to see if they can get their specific 12VHPWR connector to fail. They then show off plugging the RTX 4090 power adapter into a power station. The power station will then demand 1500W through the battered cable. As of the time of writing, the results are not shown.

We have not yet seen the results of this testing, but the final results will be coming soon. According to the team in the video.

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We’ll continue to keep our eyes on the 12VHPWR debacle. Though, we’ve had no issues with two seperate cables from our PNY and Zotac RTX 4090 reviews.