ROG Ally Z1 Extreme drops to all-time low price before Black Friday in Best Buy deal

Balck Friday background with yellow lettering and the ROG ally underneath itAsus / Dexerto

If you’re looking for a new gaming handheld, you could save $100 on the ROG Ally’s most powerful variant at Best Buy before Black Friday even begins.

The Asus ROG Ally was released earlier this year as Asus’ answer to Valve’s Steam Deck. Now with an OLED variant in-tow and shopping season well and truly in full swing, Best Buy has once again reduced the price of the system to an all-time low.

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This gaming handheld is powered by AMD’s Ryzen Z1 Extreme chip, meaning you can play the latest AAAs on the go. Now with $100 off, the device is back to an all-time-low pricepoint that we previously saw in October. Do note, however, that you will need to sign up for Best Buy’s Total or Plus service. This costs $50, so if you’re not a member yet, you’ll still get a nice little saving.

The ROG Ally is one of the best Steam Deck alternatives around

Rog Ally on table

If you’re not keen on fussing around with SteamOS and prefer the familiarity of Windows, the ROG Ally can offer a superior gaming experience when compared to Valve’s original Steam Deck in several key areas. Not only this, but it’s actually one of the cheapest Steam Deck alternatives around, too.

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In our review, we said that the ROG Ally’s biggest weakness was its price, though it’s still more expensive than the Steam Deck, it’s still a little bit cheaper. For those wanting to use it for workloads like emulation, this could be the key factor for why you would want to pick this handheld over Valve’s popular portable.

The deal is great, and if you’re dead set on getting a Windows handheld, there won’t be a cheaper offer anywhere else, unless you want a weaker version of the Ally, which might not be worthwhile.

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