Ayaneo Slide officially launches: Specs, pricing & more

The Ayaneo Slide handheld has had its official launch on IndieGoGo and is ready for pre-orders. We gather up everything we know so far about this intriguing handheld.

Since the launch of the Nintendo Switch and the Valve Steam Deck, the popularity of handheld consoles and computers has exploded. Ayaneo in particular has been attracting a great deal of attention with its various handhelds, such as the Ayaneo Kun we reviewed recently. The company now has a significant product lineup, and a new product has just joined it with the official launch of the Ayaneo Slide.

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The Ayaneo Slide was originally announced last year and immediately attracted attention for its show-stopping feature – the full integrated keyboard. This gives it the appearance of something like an oversized version of the Sony Xperia X10, or T-Mobile Sidekick smartphones of years past.

With the official launch, more details on the specifications of the Ayaneo Slide are available. Several components have been changed or upgraded compared to past models. This includes the screen, which is a new 1920 x 1080 resolution 6” IPS screen. With the incorporated keyboard in use, the screen is freely adjustable, with what Ayaneo describes as a ‘one-push automatic spring structure’ that makes the screen slide effortlessly into the desired position.

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Of course, to most, the keyboard is the highlight, and Ayaneo has promised a full-featured keyboard, with standard characters, Function keys, and combination keys to access all necessary functions, along with RGB lighting effects to make it all look pretty.

Ayaneo Slide

The Ayaneo Slide is still intended as a gaming device, however, so the company has upgraded the Hall Effect joysticks and incorporated RGB lighting, as well as redesigned the trigger buttons for a better experience. The Hall Effect joysticks are a major draw of Ayaneo devices, as this magnet-based system eliminates the analog stick drift seen in many other modern controllers.

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The handheld console will be priced at $699 during the pre-order period, and there are a range of other perks available to those who pre-order via IndieGoGo, such as custom pin badges and carry cases.

For more news regarding Ayaneo’s latest handhelds and other devices, keep it locked to Dexerto.

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