Relive the 90s with X-Men arcade cabinet now $250 off at Best Buy

Rosalie Newcombe
Image of the Arcade1Up - X-Men Arcade with Stool, Riser, Lit Deck & Lit Marquee.

The Arcade1Up X-Men arcade cabinet is a retro-gaming fan’s dream – and a whopping $250 discount at Best Buy can make it a reality.

If you’re a retro gaming fan, chances are you’ve dreamed of owning an arcade cabinet. Sadly, finding the funds, never mind the space, for a cabinet of your own can be an impossible task. Arcade1Up has been slowly rectifying this problem, by producing official cabinets for some of the most iconic arcade games.

The X-Men arcade cabinet is one of the most gorgeous Arcade1Up cabinets out there. Featuring the classic 1992 X-Men game, the cabinet features a light-up marquee, is coinless operating, and comes with a molded coin door for that authentic look.

Now, there’s never been a better time to get the arcade cabinet of your dreams, with the Arcade1Up X-Men Arcade cabinet while it’s a staggering $250 off at Best Buy.

Up to 4-players can play this gorgeous X-Men cabinet

Image of the Arcade1Up - X-Men Arcade with Stool, Riser, Lit Deck & Lit Marquee.

The X-Men arcade cabinet comes with a 17-inch color LCD screen, to bring out the feeling of the arcades of your childhood to life. The 4-player cabinet is WiFi enabled, allowing you to play alongside others online, while you bash the real-feel arcade controls and play the classic X-Men arcade game in your own home.

TheArcade1Up cabinet comes with everything you need, including a matching stool, featuring everyone’s favorite laser-eye-wielding mutant, Cyclops, along with a gorgeous light-up marquee. This version of the cabinet also includes a matching riser, so you can adjust the height of the cabinet to your exact liking.

If that’s not enough Marvel delights, the cabinet also comes with the classic Captain America and the Avengers, and the Avengers in Galactic Storm games. Giving you something new to play in between playing as your favorite mutants.

If you’ve ever wanted to own an arcade cabinet of your very own, the Arcade1Up X-Men arcade is an absolute steal at only $499.99 at Best Buy.

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