OnePlus 13 rumor claims device sports revamped design & powerful processor

Anurag Singh
OnePlus 12 in Emerald green color

OnePlus might be gearing up to change the existing design with the OnePlus 13, according to a reliable tipster.

OnePlus announced the latest OnePlus 12 last month with several notable changes. The smartphone brought a new processor, a super-bright display, and a particularly large battery. However, one thing remained the same as the OnePlus 11— the design.

OnePlus 12 does bring a new colorway and light aesthetic changes but the core design remains the same as last year. This might change with the OnePlus 13, though. According to a reliable tipster, the OnePlus 13 might ditch the current design for a new chassis and camera island.

The news comes from noted Chinese tipster Digital Chat Station. “OnePlus’ family design might undergo adjustments. The prototype for the Snapdragon 8G4 iteration does not feature the traditional top-left stainless steel hinge with a circular deco design,” the tipster wrote in a Weibo post.

OnePlus 12 in Silky Black color option

“Snapdragon 8G4” is the upcoming Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 4. If past trends are to be believed, the next OnePlus phone equipped with the latest Qualcomm processor will likely be the OnePlus 13.

The tipster suggests the prototypes, likely for the OnePlus 13, do not feature the “circular deco” design. All the recent OnePlus flagships, beginning with the OnePlus 10 Pro, have shared a nearly identical circular camera unit integrated into a curved glass back, accompanied by a glossy aluminum frame.

This design has become the identity of OnePlus phones; however, the company might be gearing up to bring some changes. Digital Chat Station did not reveal what these changes might be.

The tipster has an impeccable track record, but given that the OnePlus 13 may still be in the early development stage, it’s advisable to take the leak with a pinch of salt.

What other changes could you see on with the OnePlus 13?

The OnePlus 13 isn’t hitting the scene until late 2024, so predicting anything right now is like throwing darts in the dark. Still, based on industry whispers, a few changes seem like sure bets.

First up, expect an avalanche of AI features. OnePlus 12 debuted without any notable AI-focused features but OnePlus 13 might change that. Next, the camera system is likely due for a refresh. And with the brand new Snapdragon 8 Gen 4 chip under the hood, the phone’s processing power is sure to get a major boost.