Nvidia adds uncanny eye-tracking features to Broadcast software

Sayem Ahmed
Nvidia Broadcast eye tracking on and off

Nvidia has updated its Nvidia Broadcast software, to 14.0, adding in a brand-new eye-tracking feature that we’re finding to be slightly uncanny.

Nvidia Broadcast is available to anyone running an RTX 3000-series GPU or newer, and since its inception, it’s come in handy, making use of your GPU to get rid of backgrounds, track your head, and much more. However, it appears that Nvidia is seeking to increase the number of AI features present within the app itself.

In its latest update, we get a glimpse at eye-tracking. This will essentially deepfake your pupils, to make it appear as though you are looking at the camera. Eager to give it a spin, we updated our Nvidia Broadcast software and got to playing around with it.

While the software does indeed work, we thought that it was just a little bit uncanny to see the pupils locked on so intensely to the camera, as there’s always going to be some micro-movements of the pupil as you speak, or look in different directions. So, it’ll be good to see how Nvidia develops its software from here.

Broadcast also adds vignette features & more

Detailed in a blog post, Nvidia has also included a handful of handy additions, including a vignette effect, which darkens the edges of your screen, a common postprocessing technique in photography. Nvidia suggests combining it with virtual bokeh effects also included in the package to “instantly” improve visual quality.

It’s been a few years since Nvidia launched Broadcast, and it’s great to see the company continue to iterate on the platform, and they also ask for feedback on the software on their website, too. So, it’s clear that this piece of tech is not going anywhere any time soon.

However, just remember that to use Broadcast, you will need an RTX 3000-series GPU or newer to take full advantage of it all. AMD users have yet another reason to switch over to Team Green.

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