Nvidia reveals ChatGPT-like “G Assist” to guide you in games & tune your PC

Sayem Ahmed
Man using Nvidia G Assist

At Computex 2024, Nvidia announced a swathe of products and tools like RTX AI laptops, but one feature could get gamers excited: Project G-Assist.

Project G-Assist is a tool that acts as an overlay on your game which offers an AI chat functionality, as seen in a tech demo presented to Dexerto ahead of Nvidia’s Computex 2024 keynote.

A video of the tech demo features a user playing Ark Survival Ascended, who asked what the best early game weapon for the game was. The AI replied with a detailed description of the best weapon, and the materials required to craft it.

This allows users to get game guides and tips without ever having to leave the game itself. Nvidia claims that G-Assist is capable of being trained on data supplied by game developers, and can also search the web to answer user queries, in a similar vein to ChatGPT and ChatRTX.

The AI interface can communicate with a PC’s own AI capabilities via GPU, in addition to data in the cloud, which is then spoken back to a user.

But, that’s not all, as Project G-Assist will also be able to make use of game optimization functions featured in GeForce experience and the Nvidia app.

These can range from telling you a title’s best performance settings, in addition to scanning your PC to figure out where you might be able to eke out more performance.

The tool will also be able to overclock or undervolt your system for faster, or more efficient operation, should you ask it. In theory, Project G-Assist is an incredibly powerful tool.

However, it remains as just a concept right now. If Project G-Assist were to be released, it could be another way for Nvidia to leverage its AI knowledge to enhance the software experience for users of its products, like DLSS and Reflex.

With the company’s Computex keynote long finished, we have still yet to hear anything on the RTX 50 series graphics cards, including the rumored RTX 5090.