Modder creates dual screen Steam Deck in Nintendo DS tribute

Rebecca Hills-Duty
Steam Deck with second screen

A clever modder has put together a Steam Deck set-up that pays tribute to the classic design of Nintendo’s DS handheld.

The launch of the Steam Deck may have caused interest in portable gaming to reach a record high, but it is wise to remember that it was Nintendo who led the way in handheld gaming. One Redditor has paid tribute to that legacy by creating a tribute to the DS, in the form of a dual-screen Steam Deck.

The Nintendo DS was a revolution when it was released, and now many of its features such as the touch screen and easily accessible sleep mode are common in many devices, including the Steam Deck. This fact was recognized by Redditor TyePower, who set out to create a dual-screen setup for the Steam Deck which could replicate much of the functionality of the Nintendo DS, without having to splash for Ayaneo’s Flip handheld.

A Steam Deck tribute to a classic handheld

TyePower used a seven-inch portable touchscreen monitor, plus a Rolling Square Edge Pro tablet kit. This is designed as a tablet or smartphone holder, but TyePower declared it perfect for their project. They did note that two mounts are needed to hold the screen securely in place. The monitor and mounting brackets were then combined with a mountable battery pack, a fast-charging USB C cable, and a Thunderbolt adapter.

Modded Steam Deck

The additional screen matches remarkably well with the Steam Deck, and with the two mounting brackets, it stays firmly in place during regular use, coincidentally mirroring the two hinges of the Nintendo DS. TyePower stated on Reddit that it was remarkably simple to set up, only needing to set the additional screen as 1900×1080 resolution and set the screen mode to Extend. No extensive modifications to either software were required.

More and more users are coming up with unique setups for their Steam Decks for different applications, it will be exciting to see what the community comes up with next.

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