Save up to $800 on an LG C2 OLED TV this Black Friday


Looking to kit yourself out with a brand-new TV this Black Friday? Look no further than this doorbuster deal where you can save up to $800 on a swanky new LG C2 OLED TV.

Getting yourself a brand-new TV might be one of the most tumultuous decisions that you’ll have to make every 5-6 years. But, these days it isn’t hard to find an incredible TV for both gaming and watching movies. The LG C2 is a refresh of the incredibly popular LG C1, and you can get up to $800 off them at Best Buy ahead of Black Friday.

Why is the LG C2 so good?

The LG C2 uses something called an OLED panel. This allows for true blacks, and therefore a fantastic contrast ratio. When paired with the panel’s ability to get extremely bright in HDR content, it makes the LG C2 incredible for watching TV and Movies. However, the LG C2 is also fantastic at gaming. With a refresh rate of up to 120Hz, you can enable variable refresh rate content on your PS5, Xbox, or PC with ease. It even has G-Sync certification, to boot.

In terms of connectivity, you’re looking at multiple HDMI 2.1 ports that allow for that buttery smooth 4K VRR goodness. With each panel looking incredible even out of the box, the LG C2 is absolutely the TV to get, especially if you are looking to replace your ailing early 4K TV. Or, god forbid, a 1080P TV.

Making the jump over to OLED is an enormous difference, and we think that it might be one of the most essential upgrades that you can make to a home theater setup. You genuinely get a home cinema experience from this TV, and it’s even more immersive when playing AAA games like God of War at a buttery smooth high framerate. This is the future of TV, and you’d be remiss to not at least sniff at the incredible offer on right now.

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