Intel CPU investigation launched following unstable performance reports

Rebecca Hills-Duty
intel i9-14900K with a raptor next to it

Intel has launched an investigation on 13th and 14th-generation CPUs as users reportedly return chips to Intel en masse.

Reports continue to accumulate of PC gaming fans experiencing significant stability problems with their 13th and 14th-generation Intel gaming CPUs. Some reports suggest that over ten chips per day are being returned to the manufacturer.

As reported by WCCFTech, the most common issue is an “Out of Video Memory” error message. This problem affects a wide range of games, and the wording of the error can lead many players to believe the problem is with their graphics card, when in fact it is the CPU at fault.

OEMs and PC manufacturers claim that gamers are returning pre-built PCs or exchanging CPUs and motherboards for AMD equivalents.

This has seen some vendors face a loss as they need to pick up the cost of replacing or exchanging components. The report claims that more than ten customers are returning a 13th or 14th-generation CPU or PC every day, with most citing stability problems.

It’s speculated that the problem is related to the CPUs being pushed too hard in terms of clock speed and power to squeeze out more performance, leading to premature silicon degradation. A potential solution is to downclock and undervolt the CPU, but this is not a fix that is accessible to all users.

In a statement in response to ZDNet Korea, Intel has stated that it is aware of the issues and has launched an investigation. Unfortunately, that will not help the potentially thousands of users who are currently affected.