Infamous hacker Geohot resigns from Twitter after just four weeks

GeoHot ponders a Twitter OrbGeorge Hotz / Twitter

Hacker Geohot, the mastermind behind the first-ever iPhone unlocks and PS3 jailbreaks, resigned from an internship at Twitter after just four weeks on the job.

George Hotz, also known in hacking communities as Geohot has had a storied history, ever since performing the first-ever iPhone carrier unlock at the age of 17. In November, he turned to Twitter after replying to Elon Musk’s proclamation of “Twitter 2.0”

Hotz was also employed at Facebook for a time, so he is no stranger to the world of Social Networking. The hacker continued to state that he was interested in a 12-week internship at the company, in order to get a taste of the culture, and to “put his money where his mouth is”

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After joining the business, Hotz was tasked with fixing Twitter search, in addition to getting rid of a pop-up interstitial for non-logged-in users. However, the infamous developer stated that it was easier to build Twitter features outside of the platform, rather than inside the company.

Over the duration of his internship, Hotz’s opinion begun to sour after Twitter abruptly banned competing social media platforms, stating that it was a “ridiculous policy“. He also stated that the policy was the “Fastest speedrun of ‘free speech’ ever”.

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Geohot uses a poll to choose his fate

In a Musk-like move, Hotz tweeted a poll on Twitter about whether he should or should not resign from Twitter. The majority voted no. However, a day later the developer resigned.

Hotz stated that he “didn’t think there was any real impact” he could make at the company, and also lamented the number of contributions on his GitHub page.

Amidst his farewell, Hotz said that he was still “rooting for the success of Twitter 2.0”, despite not being able to complete a 12-week internship himself.

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