How to record calls on iPhone

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Recording calls on an iPhone isn’t an easy task, but it can be done. You can do it either by using a third-party app or dedicated hardware devices. But, there are also several other workarounds.

Apple doesn’t allow recording a call through the iPhone’s built-in microphone while actively on a call. That’s primarily due to privacy reasons and laws across US states that either require one-party or two-party consent for recording a call.

There are several workarounds that you can follow to record a call on iPhone. But be aware of your local laws and ensure that you are following them before you decide to record a call.

If you have an iPhone and another iOS device, such as a second iPhone or iPad, you can use the Voice Memos app to record calls. If not, you can use third-party apps (such as Rev) or even dedicated recording hardware.

How to record calls on iPhone using a second device

You can use the microphone on a second device to record calls. This could be a spare iOS device or any budget Android phone. While this is not the easiest way to record calls on an iPhone, it’s a viable option if you really need to keep a log of the conversation.

  1. Prepare a secondary device for call recording. If you’re using an iPhone or iPad, use the Voice Memos app that comes pre-installed on your device. Download it from the App Store if you don’t have it. If you’re using an Android phone, use the native voice recording app.
  2. Assuming that you have a spare iPhone or iPad, make a call from your primary iPhone.
  3. Once you’re on a call, put the iPhone on speakerphone and place a secondary device near it.
  4. Open the Voice Memos app on your secondary device, then tap the red record button.
  5. When you are done recording, press the red button again. Your call recording will be saved on your secondary device.
Call recording on Apple Voice memos

If you often need to record conversations, whether due to the nature of your job or just to keep a record of conversations, investing in a dedicated recording device is a good idea. You can find one on Amazon for less than $50.

There are also dedicated MagSafe call recording devices that attach to your iPhone’s back like a MagSafe power bank and record calls. One great product is the Plaud Note voice recorder, which not only records your calls but also offers an AI-generated summary of them.

How to record calls on iPhone using Google Voice

If you don’t have a secondary device, use the Google Voice app for iOS to make free and recorded calls. However, the app only lets you record incoming calls to your Google Voice number if you have a personal Google account.

Before you start recording calls on your iPhone using Google Voice, enable the feature from Settings. Follow these steps to learn how.

  1. On your iPhone, open the Google Voice app. If you don’t have it, download it from the App Store.
  2. Tap the three parallel lines icon in the upper-left and then Settings.
  3. Under Calls, turn on Incoming call recording.
  4. Answer a call on your Google Voice number and tap 4 to start recording. Once you’re done, tap 4 to stop recording.

How to record calls on iPhone using a call recording app (it’s free)

There aren’t many call recording apps for iPhone, and those that are available don’t work properly. We tested many options available for download on the App Store but only found the Rev app worth using.

Rev offers unlimited recording, unlimited storage, and the option to share the recordings as much as you want for free. It only charges for transcriptions.

Here’s how to record an outgoing call on an iPhone using Rev Call Recorder: 

  1. On your iPhone, open the Rev app.
  2. Tap the green phone button.
  3. Enter the phone number or select the number you want to call from your contacts.
  4. Tap Call +1(415)738-2935 to call the recording line.
  5. The recording line will automatically redirect to the recipient and the call will be recorded.
Screenshot showing steps to record outgoing iPhone calls on Rev

Here’s how to record an incoming call on an iPhone using Rev Call Recorder:

  1. Accept the call.
  2. Open the Rev App.
  3. Tap Incoming Call.
  4. Merge call with number +1(415)738-2935.
  5. Hang up to end recording.

Note: The Rev call recorder is only available to iOS users in North America (+1 calling code only).

Call recording is legal in the US, given you follow the rules. Some states require both parties to consent to call recording, while others require at least one party to consent.

The table below indicates that in states like California, Delaware, and Florida, both parties involved in the call must give their consent for the call to be recorded. In the rest of the states, only one party needs to give consent.

StateConsent Requirement
CaliforniaTwo-party consent
DelawareTwo-party consent
FloridaTwo-party consent
IllinoisTwo-party consent
MarylandTwo-party consent
MassachusettsTwo-party consent
MontanaTwo-party consent
NevadaTwo-party consent
New HampshireTwo-party consent
PennsylvaniaTwo-party consent
WashingtonTwo-party consent
Other StatesOne-party consent

Does screen recording on iPhone record my call?

Recording your phone calls with sound isn’t possible using the built-in screen recorder or Voice Memos app. Apple’s pretty concerned about privacy and security when it comes to call recordings, so to get the job done, you’ll need to look into third-party apps.

Can you record phone calls on iPhone without them knowing?

You can record calls without others knowing using third-party apps or a secondary device. However, before you do that, check the laws in your state. If you’re required to inform the other party that you’re recording the call, inform them before you start recording. Otherwise, you could end up in legal trouble.

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