Hololive and HYTE partner to create limited edition Ouro Kronii case

Ouro Kronii HYTE caseHYTE

Want your computer to keep perfect time? VTuber agency Hololive and PC components maker HYTE have partnered to create a limited edition Ouro Kronii case, with the Warden of Time plastered all around.

Need more Hololive merch in your life? Are you one of many desperate Kronies trying to figure out the time? Well Hololive and HYTE have partnered up yet again to create a limited-edition Ouro Kronii PC case.

It also features all the bells and whistles you’d expect and is modeled off the popular Y60 case. The case has ample space for just about anything that you’d want to put inside. However, it’s not really the specs most fans will care for and rather the beautiful art, illustrated by Rosuuri.

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The art wraps all around the otherwise transparent panels, with a full portrait on the side as well as a cute chibi Kronii cuddling a Kronies plushie on the front. It also has a number of smaller details, including a Boros easter egg, as well as the number pi wrapping around the case.

“It’s been a real pleasure to have the opportunity to work with the team at HYTE and iBUYPOWER,” Ouro Kronii said in a press release. “The case turned out amazing.”

Kronies can pick up the case online starting November 17 with a limited number of units available ⁠— only 2060. The case will be also available for purchase at Anime NYC on November 19 and 20, retailing at $280 USD. It will also come with an on-theme desk mat. 

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It’s the second collaboration HYTE has run with Hololive, with fellow Council member Hakos Baelz also having a PC case adorned with her bright red chaotic flair.