Google Bard AI can now produce code in over 20 languages

Joel Loynds
google bard coding

Google Bard has received a new update that will let you work with AI to produce code in multiple coding languages.

Coding with AI has been a revelation for those without the knowledge, and for those who know their way around Python, or Perl, getting a jumping-off point for an idea is a killer feature. However, when Google launched its competitor to ChatGPT, Bard, it was missing this key feature.

Now, Google has updated Bard to be able to parse and produce code when requested. Google states that they’ve managed to include “more than 20 programming languages”. When asking Bard, we found it knows COBOL, Fortran, and even one of the most difficult languages available, Malbolge.

Malbolge was literally designed to be difficult to code with and is named after the eighth layer of Hell.

To integrate Bard more into its services, you can export certain scripts to Google Colab, the firm’s own coding collaboration platform.

Google Bard gets coding abilities

a google bard script working on codepen

For those learning the way of the code, you’ll be able to ask Bard to explain snippets found online, or what it produced for a better understanding of the language. It will even repeat the task when it generates code that doesn’t work.

Google Bard’s new update might also be why the popular forum, Stackoverflow, intends to begin charging AI labs for access to their swaths of data and snippets. A lot of programmers will help out those with problems on the website, and these, among many other sources are what trained both Bard and ChatGPT.

In our testing with the new update, we confirmed that certain Python scripts weren’t working due to not assigning certain functions, and website code made in HTML would not be split into CSS, HTML, and Javascript. This was fixed by emphasizing the need for three different scripts.

Google Bard is still in an invite-only beta, while Microsoft is beginning to integrate OpenAI’s ChatGPT further into its services.