Two weeks with “Gamer” glasses actually helped us sleep better

Gamer Advantage glasses and caseDexerto

Gamer Advantage has just launched its blue-light-blocking glasses in the EU, and with it, we’ve actually noticed a huge difference.

When Gamer Advantage contacted us about them launching their “gamer” glasses, we’ll be honest. We were pretty skeptical of the whole idea. How are glasses supposed to help us game?! We naively thought. Well, how wrong we ended up being.

After two weeks of wearing these Gamer Advantage lenses, we can firmly say that they managed to help our eyes while staring at screens for almost 12 hours a day. Our Sleeper Lens glasses absorb blue light, while managing to retain the integrity of colors on our screen for hours at a time.

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Do they actually work?

Gamer Advantage SunglassesDexerto
The Sunglasses attachments actually look super cool.

We initially thought that this might be a cynical cash-grab as yet another “gamer” accessory, but the lenses are hard-coated and come in a great-looking design that felt high-quality, to boot.

Turns out, the lenses are made in optical labs to clinical standards, in addition to being clinically proven to help you sleep, and a reduction in headaches.

The Gamer Advantage glasses can also fit a snap-on optional set of sunglasses, which is incredibly helpful if you also want them to double up as sunglasses, too. They feel incredibly secure, so you won’t have to worry about them flopping off your head, either.

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It’s a process

Gamer Advantage glasses on standDexerto

In our first few days of using the Gamer Advantage glasses, we were pleasantly surprised at how relaxed our eyes felt after use. The real benefits took some time to show through, however. Only after four or five day of use did we notice a marked improvement in our sleep cycle. We were not left with burning retinas after staring at a bright screen all day. Instead, we found it much easier to have a restful night, and lull to sleep rather than the excessive eye fatigue that plagued us before.

Essentially, poor sleep caused by looking at a screen all the time nerfed our ability to work, and game. After just a few days of use, there was a noticeable improvement.

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We also suffer from pretty severe, light-sensitive migraines on a weekly basis. However, After around a week of using the Gamer Advantage glasses, we found that the frequency of our migraines was significantly reduced.

Gamer Advantage is the real deal

Throughout this entire process, we were pretty shocked at the results. The Gamer Advantage glasses had made a profound impact on our day-to-day work. Now, we’re not a usual glasses-wearer, so it did feel slightly awkward at first, but it was a simple and quick adjustment.

The titular advantage is not a higher framerate, like a 4080 might add. Nor is it going to have more buttons for quick actions. Instead, it helps your health, and for that? It’s priceless.

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