For some reason Yamaha is launching a 5-disk CD changer in 2023

Jitendra Soni
Yamaha CD-C603Yamaha

Yamaha has introduced a 5-disk CD changer dubbed Yamaha CD-C603. But where will you get those compact disks in 2023?

You’d often feel nostalgic when talking about listening to music or watching movies using compact disks (CDs) or DVDs. These good old days were probably the highlights of your youth, and while we’ve aged, these devices have been replaced with digital storage formats.

But Yamaha isn’t in the mood to let it go and has introduced a brand new 5-disk CD changer in 2023, almost two decades after they were a rage.

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Dubbed Yamaha CD-C603, the new compact disk player can house 5 disks at a time. Thanks to Yamaha’s Play X Change technology, you can swap out or change one of the disks without interrupting the one that is playing your favorite track or movie.

Yamaha CD-C603Yamaha

In the day and age when streaming services have taken center stage, with some even offering lossless audio quality, Yamaha aims to bring back the whirring sound of the system reading your CD.

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That said, the CD change is smart enough to reduce any additional sounds thanks to features like Laser Pickup Floating Mechanism, Intelligent Digital Servo, and Pure Direct.

Jargons aside, the Yamaha CD-C603 is designed to be placed on the entertainment setup of your living room and will require external speakers for sound output.

In case you’re wondering, it can play CD, CD-R, and CDRW. Moreover, it also has a USB port at the front to play MP3, WMA, AAC, WAV, and FLAC from a thumb drive.

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As most nostalgic devices that bank on the resurgence of interest in physical media are priced premium, the Yamaha CD-C603 also doesn’t come cheap. Priced at $549.95, you can get yours from Yamaha’s website.

But who has those CDs?

PS5 Slim removable disc driveSony / Dexerto

Nostalgia aside, we’ve long outgrown the age of CDs and DVDs. So, until and unless you have a stack of old CDs with fond memories of your first child’s birth or when they took the first step, getting content on CDs could be a challenge.

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Forget entertainment setups; even laptops with CD/DVD burners are almost extinct. Apart from some gaming consoles, you’d hardly see any mainstream gadget sporting a disk reader.

But, for nostalgia’s sake, this CD changer should look great with a turntable on your entertainment hub, if you’re really into collectibles.

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