ChatGPT has been added to Windows 3.1, because why not?

Dylan Horetski
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An app called WinGPT has brought OpenAI’s popular ChatGPT AI assistant to Windows 3.1, an OS that’s over 30 years old.

Throughout the dev community, there’s no doubt that some things are being created that serve a purpose that’s questionable at best.

But it makes sense that some might practice their knowledge by creating an app out of pure curiosity.

DialupDotNet did just that with WinGPT, as they’ve brought ChatGPT to Windows 3.1 so you can make use of that old Compaq laptop you have stuffed in the closet.

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WinGPT brings ChatGPT to a 30-year-old Windows version

Detailed on their website, WinGPT connects to the OpenAI server for ChatGPT natively just like every other app using the service.

Although, they’ve made it clear that it’s not a secure implementation and the company has noted at the bottom of the page that it doesn’t actually “help you.”

When revealing the build in a Hacker News forum thread, the developer explained: “Hey HN, I didn’t want my Gateway 4DX2-66 from 1993 to be left out of the AI revolution, so I built an AI Assistant for Windows 3.1, based on the OpenAI API.”

Due to the memory size of machines that ran Windows 3.1 at launch, the capabilities of WinGPT are quite limited. As a result, the app answers in as few characters as possible and cannot use previous responses in conversation.

The app is available for download for free through DialupDotNet’s website, where they also detail the requirements to run it.

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