ChatGPT-4 diagnosis used to save dog’s life

Theo Burman
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The artificial intelligence service ChatGPT-4 was used to save the life of a dog with a deadly tick-borne disease, according to a viral thread written by the dog’s owner.

Cooper was distraught when his vet advised him to wait until his dog became sicker before taking more action, so he turned to artificial intelligence for help.

The post claimed that it used OpenAI’s ChatGPT, which was recently upgraded to GPT-4, to quickly scan blood test results and make an accurate diagnosis for the dog’s condition.

The owner described the dog’s blood test results and the entire situation in extreme detail to give the AI as much to work with as possible.

After processing all the information, the AI then suggested that the dog could have an underlying condition that was causing anemia.

The owner then asked the AI what that underlying condition could be, and use information from ultrasound scans and vet visits to rule out all of the possible answers except one: IMHA, a condition that affects red blood cells in dogs.

After speaking to a second vet to confirm that it could be possible that his dog could have the condition suggested by the AI, the owner immediately requested a test.

After taking a blood sample from the dog, they were able to confirm that the AI had correctly diagnosed the issue, and they were able to quickly give treatment.

Without the diagnosis from the AI, the dog would have had to wait until further developments to know what was going on, which could have had significantly affected its health.

The owner said that the dog has been making a full recovery, and attributes her life to the quick diagnosis the AI was able to make.

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