Beats Studio Buds Plus gets $40 discount in Best Buy deal & they look amazing

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Beats Studio Plus

The Beats Studio Buds Plus earbuds have a unique see-through design and flagship features, and now you get get it at $40 off with this Best Buy deal.

When purchasing a pair of earbuds, you often look at things like audio quality, fit, battery life, features like active noise cancellation, wear detection, and more. But how cool is it to see the parts that perform all the magic?

The Beats Studio Plus wireless earbuds are one such pair that uses its design to its benefit. These earbuds come in a transparent case, and even the buds are made of a white translucent plastic shell that lets you peek into the innards, thus adding a unique personality to the wireless earbuds.

What makes Beats Studio Plus earbuds unique?

Beats by Dre is a brand owned by Apple, and if you’re looking to get a pair of earbuds with the same brand value but still have a unique flavor, Studio Plus ticks all the boxes.

These earbuds can be considered a “lite” version of AirPods Pro as they offer similar features but at a slightly lower price point. Moreover, features like Active Noise Cancellation block external noise to let you enjoy your favorite movie, music, or podcast you have been hooked on while commuting.

Meanwhile, the transparency mode allows you to be aware of your surroundings and interact with people around you at the tap of a finger.

It also supports the Spatial Audio for an immersive listening experience. A long battery life of almost eight hours from the buds and a couple of charge cycles from the case lets you enjoy music or movies for up to 24 hours before looking for a charging socket.

Its compatibility with Android and iPhone lets you pair these earbuds with any smartphone you choose. Lastly, an IPX4 rating means you can tag Beats Studio Plus earbuds to the gym or hike without any worries. So, if you want to bag this unique pair of earbuds, you might want to move quickly.

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