Ayaneo Slide is basically a Steam Deck with a keyboard & looks impressive

ayaneo slide on a table

Ayaneo has finally launched the Slide on Indiegogo, and the unique handheld PC is giving heavy doses of nostalgia and modern sensibilities.

The Ayaneo Slide is launching very soon, with practically every detail listed, except for the price and release date. It’s been a long time coming for the Ayaneo Slide, as it was originally announced last year.

With its launch, the Ayaneo Slide is the seventh device the company has announced or released this year. With so many competitors, including Valve’s Steam Deck, how is the Slide setting itself apart?

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Ayaneo is incorporating a full keyboard into the Slide. Partially looking like a T-Mobile Sidekick or Sony portable PC from the 00s, Ayaneo isn’t just stopping there. The joysticks will also feature Hall Effect tech, which uses magnets to defeat stick drift.

ayaneo on orange background

A key piece missing from the Slide is the touchpads. Our reviews of the Ayaneo 2S and Asus ROG Ally both pointed out that using Windows without them is tough. However, Ayaneo is releasing touchpads on the upcoming Kun handheld.

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Baked in with the keyboard and Hall Effect sticks is similar processing power that we’ve seen for the last year. The 7840U has become the go-to for a lot of handhelds, offering decent raw power for small-sized PCs. While we don’t expect to see much of an improvement in terms of performance, usability will be a key factor that the Slide brings to the table.

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Ayaneo Slide’s keyboard could be a game changer

ayaneo slide on cream background

Being able to quickly access a full keyboard on the go will make certain titles far easier. Imagine playing Baldur’s Gate 3 and instead of thumbing through a menu or touchscreen keyboard, you can quickly tap in the item you want. Messages to your teams or even some light old-school PC gaming will be a cinch on the Slide.

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It’s not the first handheld to feature a keyboard though. The GPD Win originally launched with a full keyboard too, and has continued to place it on its hardware as it refreshes them.

Aside from the internals and hideaway keyboard, the Ayaneo Slide sports a 1080p, six-inch screen and a 46.2Wh battery. It’ll all be presented via the newer Ayaspace 2, the company’s custom frontend to get around Windows weirdness on the small-sized platform.

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We’ve no information as to when Ayaneo plans to launch the Indiegogo for early bird pricing, nor what that pricing will be as of the time of writing.

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