Ayaneo Flip DS leaks & it looks like the Nintendo DS successor we never had

Sayem Ahmed
Ayaneo Flip in KB and DS designs in black and white on a red background

Ayaneo, a leading manufacturer of gaming handheld devices, is allegedly working on a dual-screened system, named the Ayaneo Flip DS.

Ayaneo seems to be pulling out all of the stops when it comes to their rampant release schedule. We’ve hardly blinked since the Ayaneo Pocket Air and 1S’s release, with the Ayaneo Kun‘s IndieGoGo campaign currently ongoing.

But, the company is also preparing the Ayaneo Slide and Pocket S. Now, leaks obtained by Dexerto showcase the company’s next project, an Ayaneo Flip that comes with two distinct designs. The first is the Ayaneo Flip KB, which has a clamshell case, that flips (as the name implies) and showcases a mini keyboard. This feels like Ayaneo’s answer to the GPD line of devices, which are very popular.

What’s much more interesting, is that the other variant, an Ayaneo Flip DS, will also come to market, sporting an additional screen, and is incredibly evocative of the Nintendo DS.

The devices will allegedly launch with the AMD Ryzen 7840U chipset, which we have previously seen in the Ayaneo 2S and Air 1S. The biggest difference here, however, is that the main seven-inch screen will house a rapid 120Hz display, a first for Ayaneo handhelds. Additional features such as a fingerprint scanner appear to be present on both consoles, in addition to a recessed analog stick, which appears to be incredibly similar to the one seen on the Ayaneo Air line of products.

The Ayaneo Flip DS could act like a beefed-up Wii U

Ayaneo Flip DS and KB in white on a grey background

The Ayaneo Flip DS looks like the much more exciting variant of the two, and is poised to sate those looking to emulate DS and 3DS titles at higher resolutions and speedy framerates.

Applications for a second screen could also extend to a truly portable Wii U emulator, too. But, the dimensions and resolution of the included display remain to be revealed. We’re eagerly keeping our ears to the ground to hear more about the device. But for now, it’s one of the more exciting leaks that we have heard about Ayaneo this year.