Apple quietly trademarks new software ahead of expected headset reveal

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Apple’s anticipated new VR headset could be getting a new operating system named xrOS. The name was found on several registry databases worldwide.

The latest trademarks for Apple’s upcoming mixed-reality headset have started to be sniffed out by those who know where to look. Apple hasn’t registered any under its own name, but instead through suspected shell companies due to the patterns from previous launches.

It was found on a Jamaican registry database, which Apple uses due to its lack of an easy-to-access database. The company used a shell company, Deep Dive LLC., to register xrOS in New Zealand, and again in this new xrProOS trademark.

It’s unknown which name is the real one, or if Apple plans to release a Pro version of the headset with xrProOS onboard. It could also be suspected Apple is simply securing names for future use.

Apple is gearing up for a potential blockbuster WWDC, with rumors that the company will finally be dipping its toes properly into the metaverse with a mixed-reality headset. This will combine both augmented and virtual reality into one device.

Apple has been at the forefront of augmented reality, as iOS is filled with apps and the iPhone software puts it directly into the hands of millions each day. However, this is the first time the company has seriously considered virtual reality as well.

The headset has been rumored to be in production for years and has slowly become a product that could potentially define Tim Cook’s decade-long stint as CEO of the company.

Not all of Apple is pleased with the new headset

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Despite positive reactions from internal showings – and Oculus founder Palmer Luckey – Mark Gurman of Bloomberg, has reported in his Power On newsletter that not all the staff are on board.

Included in this is Johny Srouji, who Gurman describes as a skeptic over the whole project. The head of He has even gone as far as to call it a “science experiment”. Srouji is currently one of Apple’s top executives, in charge of chip production for all its products – including the apparent M2 chip planned for the headset.

Srouji allegedly believes that Apple should have focused its efforts on iPhone chips to bring in more revenue to the company.

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