Amazon Fire TV Sticks are already up to 50% off before Black Friday

Jitendra Soni
Fire TV Stick 4K Max

Fancy buying a Fire TV Stick? Amazon is already offering a massive discount on all the Fire TV Sticks. Grab yours now.

Though Black Friday starts on November 24, a handful of fantastic early deals are live already. Thanks to these deals, you can get your favorite TV, headphones, and other gadgets at a price much lower than the regular retail price.

In one such exciting deal, Amazon is offering massive discounts on its streaming devices, including the Fire TV Stick Lite, Fire TV Stick, Fire TV Stick 4K, and Fire TV Stick 4K Max.

These streaming devices can help you convert your dumb TV into a smart one, stream your favorite content off the internet, and even wirelessly cast images and videos from your mobiles and tablets to the TV.

Why should you get a Fire TV Stick?

These Fire TV Sticks come in a plug-and-play design and plug into the HDMI port on your regular TV. These micro-computers can help convert your non-smart TVs into smart ones and help you browse the internet, download and play games on your TV, stream content, and more.

With the help of these streaming sticks, you can enjoy hundreds of channels and applications, control your TV using voice commands, and enjoy HDR/HDR10+ content.

If you’re using a TV with a proprietary operating system like LG’s webOS, Samsung’s TizenOS, or Hisense’s Vidaa OS. In that case, you might have access to a limited number of applications and games. Using a FireTV Stick can offer many applications to download and help you upgrade the TV viewing experience at a fraction of a new TV’s cost.

Which Fire TV Stick should you buy?

Though Amazon offers various streaming dongles, each is unique and designed for specific use cases. The  Fire TV Stick and Fire TV Stick Lite are identical and ideal for non-4K TVs. The only difference between these two devices is their remote. The Fire TV Stick Lite has an Alexa Voice Remote Lite, which lacks TV controls, like power and guide buttons. At the same time, the regular version of Fire TV Stick comes with a fully-featured remote.

If you have a 4K TV, spending a bit extra and getting a Fire TV Stick 4K or 4K Max makes sense. The added 4K support results in a sharper, more detailed image when watching 4K content on a 4K TV. You can also access HDR (High Dynamic Range) content, more advanced Dolby Vision support, and Wi-Fi 6 wireless connectivity.

The Fire TV Stick 4K Max is the latest device and the most advanced one. It has a much more powerful CPU at its core, resulting in a snappier performance and smoother navigation through the menu. Its features are similar to the Fire TV Stick 4K, barring the powerful CPU, and come with a slightly higher price tag.

Fire TV Cube

If you need something more powerful and capable than the devices mentioned above, you can go for the Amazon Fire TV Cube. It is designed for people who’ve invested heavily in Amazon’s ecosystem devices, including the Echo smart speakers. Unlike the Fire TV Sticks, the Cube sits on the top of your entertainment hub or table and is connected to your TV with the help of an HDMI cable.

The Fire TV Cube has way more powerful innards than the TV Sticks and features like 4K upscaling, HDMI passthrough, more internal storage, and built-in voice controls without a remote. A Fire TV Cube not only lets you control your TV using your voice, but you can also control your sound bar or other smart home devices using your voice.

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