Xbox Game Studios lead says Starfield will have the “fewest bugs” of any Bethesda title

Eleni Thomas
Starfield bugs

Xbox Game Studios lead Matthew Booty claims that Starfield will be one of the best-running Bethesda games of all time, stating that the title will launch with the “fewest bugs a Bethesda game has ever shipped with.”

Arguably the biggest first-party game coming to Xbox, and one that fans have been eagerly anticipating for years now, is Starfield. The new Bethesda IP is set to have players exploring the most detailed and expansive look at outer space in recent years.

During a recent Twitch interview on the Giant Bomb Channel, Bethesda boss Todd Howard and head of Xbox Game Studios Matthew Booty sat down to discuss the Xbox Showcase. Specifically chatting about their hotly anticipated release of the next big Xbox first-party game.

When discussing the development process of Starfield, Booty revealed how Bethesda and Xbox have been hard at work ensuring that Starfield runs consistently and with fewer bugs than players may expect. As well this, Booty explained the types of teams involved in getting the game up to scratch.

The Starfield discussion begins at the 2-hour 18-minute mark above.

“I think the thing with Redfall and Starfield, we talked about it a little bit…we’ve got first the advanced technology group. They know the Xbox hardware in and out, it’s their lives and they’re there to help teams get frame rate, graphics. They help with the ray tracing on Forza…So those are the kinds of things we’re able to apply.”

He also then mentioned their work with the Unreal engine and how Gears of War devs The Coalition are one of the leading “experts” in that regard. Furthermore, Booty explains to close partnership between Xbox and Bethesda in regard to the creation of Starfield.

Starfield will be the most “stable” Bethesda launch ever claims Xbox Studios lead

“Todd will tell you I think on Starfield we’ve been engaged since early last year and I hope that it shows up in terms of how stable the game is, what they’re able to put on screen in terms of graphics but even a little bit also, what it means to be a first party game.”

Finally, Booty made the claim that Starfield is shaping up to be the best-performing Bethesda game at launch of all time. “If it shipped today, it would have the fewest bugs a Bethesda game has ever shipped with.”

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