Starfield player builds Titanic as spaceship and fans love it

Rishov Mukherjee
A screenshot from the game Starfield

Starfield players have been hard at work to build the most unique ships possible ever since the release of the game. As it happens, a player has managed to build a pretty convincing version of the Titanic as a spaceship.

Starfield’s ship builder is arguably one of the most interesting aspects of the game. Despite a few limitations, it allows players a lot of freedom when it comes to crafting ships.

Players have already built legendary ships such as the Star Destroyer. However, this time, a player decided to craft one of the legendary sea-faring ships and take it to the skies. This player has created a spaceship similar to the Titanic, and fans are in love with it.

Titanic spaceship by Starfield player receives praise from the community

The player named jethrowwilson posted their creation on Reddit and it received a favorable response from the fans. One such player commented “This might be my favorite vessel I’ve seen so far” as they were quite happy to witness this unique creation.

Another player commented “Better not land on a planet with too much ice” as they made a witty comment referring to the incident that struck the original Titanic several years back. One player also commented “Watch out for comets, the icebergs of the sky” as they referred to the same incident as the previous player.

Lastly, a player commented “Celine Dion begins playing” as they referred to the song from the Titanic movie.

It goes without saying that this creation is as unique as some of the others that have been presented by the community so far. However, when it comes to creativity, there is no doubt that players have only begun to display their plethora of ideas.

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