Classic Skyrim joke recreated in Starfield with impressive spaceship

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A Starfield player has taken an old Skyrim joke very far by recreating a classic item many used to farm as a spaceship.

Starfield sports an enormous universe to get lost and define your character in. Through the game’s leveling-up system, you spend points to specialize that character too. You’ll have to engage with these facets, meaning you need to master the mechanics of the game before you can level up specific traits. If you want to be great with melee weapons, you need to be out whacking and slicing enemies to improve your proficiency. 

Leveling up in Bethesda games has always been core to their fantasy. That’s been the case for all of its RPGs too, especially the likes of Skyrim. Finding a way to quickly farm experience and further define your character is key to the experience feeling empowering. 

In fact, one of those methods when Skyrim came out was blacksmithing endless iron daggers. This was because, at launch, no matter what you smithed, it all was worth the same experience. The resources to make an iron dagger were so abundant too that a good way to level up quickly was to craft a ton.

Celebrate Skyrim with this fun Starfield iron dagger ship

One Starfield player has commemorated the once abundance of iron daggers through the lands of Skyrim, and Bethesda’s leveling systems by creating a ship based on the item from Skyrim. 

In a Reddit post with over 2k upvotes, user l4westby shared the spaceship they had created that looks like an iron dagger. What’s more though, it’s not just a meme – it looks pretty great. 

One user loved the look of the ship saying, “Unironically a great ship design”. Another user joked, “Anyone making a pen ship so that we can find out which one is mightier?”

This is a fun little nod to Bethesda’s RPG past and one that also doesn’t look totally ridiculous. If you do want to emulate it in your own game, the creator said that no mods were used to make it, though they admit that some glitches were. 

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