Stardew Valley dev trolls cheaters with secret cutscene that beats you up

Jeremy Gan
Stardew Valley secret cutscene at the summit

Stardew Valley’s dev ConcernedApe is trolling cheaters with a secret cutscene in the 1.6 update that beats you up and takes your money. 

One of the craziest aspects of Stardew Valley is the fact it only has a single dev, ConcernedApe. And because Stardaw only has CA, he’s free to put in whatever funny additions to the game he feels like. 

Be it the concerning ability to drink buckets of mayo with the arrival of the 1.6 update, or a sneaky addition of a secret cutscene that punishes cheaters by beating them up and taking their money. No, really.

That is exactly what he added in the game’s newest update. 

Stardew Valley 1.6 update adds cutscene that beats you up

The Summit in Pelican Town is probably one of the more important places to go to in the game. Not for gameplay reasons, rather for the story as that’s where we get a pivotal cutscene. 

However, in previous versions of Stardew Valley, it was possible to glitch your way up to the summit without going through the tedious steps of actually playing the game. However, without the emotional payoff of the cutscene and just the bare summit. 

And it seems ConcernedApe didn’t like players cheating their way up to the summit in such a way. But instead of patching it out, he decided instead to punish players who pull off the glitch. 

Found by Reddit user u/Snail51, in update 1.6, upon glitching your way to the Summit, you will now find yourself in a corrupted version of the location where you meet the enigmatic Mister Qi. 

“Well, well, well… Look who ‘made it’ to the summit,” Mister Qi says upon you entering the Summit illegitimately. 

“Thought you were really clever, didn’t you? ‘How can I cheat the system for my own benefit?’ you thought. Or in layman’s terms: ‘Me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me’. Despicable.”

After the downright terrifying monologue from Mister Qi, the screen fades to black only for you to be awoken in Harvey’s clinic. According to Harvey, your character was found “unconscious and battered” and he had to perform emergency surgery on you.

You will then be let go from Harvey’s clinic, albeit with a hefty 500g medical bill to fork up for. So perhaps it’s best to get up to the Summit legitimately next time. 

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