How to find the best esports events and matches to bet on

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The esports betting market is always growing, but if you’re looking for ways to improve your chances of winning, you’re going to need to know how to find the best match, tournament, or game to bet on. Here’s how.

Esports betting isn’t always easy. While there’s always going to be a favorite in every matchup, just like with any sport, upsets can happen, things can change, and sometimes you miss important things that change the direction of a game.

So how do you make the most informed decision when betting on esports? There are several things to consider when you’re staking money on gaming, and you can use EsportsBet to make the best decision possible.

Choosing your esports bet

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Esports betting is always growing.

Betting on any sport is tougher than just choosing the favorite and waiting to cash in. You need to consider a number of different factors.

The first thing seems the most obvious, but it’s something a lot of bettors tend to neglect: only place money you can afford to lose, and target markets that you yourself are confident in or understand.

If you’re an avid LCS fan in League of Legends, and know every team and their stats inside out, then you’ll always have the best chance of winning on LCS matches. Don’t make uninformed guesses on CS:GO matches because you like the odds.

Secondly, you should utilize EsportsBet’s Betting Alpha Community to get the full rundown on best odds available for esports markets.

EsportsBet’s experts regularly post insightful analyses to help bettors make the most informed decisions across multiple markets. While you can never guarantee a win, you should always give yourself the best chance at it, and this analysis will definitely help.

Finally, you should supplement EsportsBet’s expertise with your own research too. If you don’t feel confident in certain bets, it’s always worth looking into matches, events, and markets that you’re more comfortable with.

For example, you might have a certain hunch on a FaZe Clan CS:GO match. Instead of just putting your money down on a team to win, have a look at their recent matches, how they perform in their pistol rounds, or whether they’re most likely to win the opening rounds on certain maps. You should look at all options and the markets available to find the scenario you believe has the best chance of winning.

Conversely, in League of Legends, you might want to consider whether you’re watching a bot-centered team, how likely they are to take the first dragon, do they get more dragons than usual? These are all markets you can explore on EsportsBet, with over 350 available markets on all different games.

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EsportsBet offer a multitude of different markets across various esports.

While you can never guarantee a winning bet, you should always put yourself in the best position for success, and research is going to be paramount.

The results speak for themselves, too: During Dota 2’s The International 2021, one user was paid out over $1 million dollars, marking EsportsBet’s largest sports betting payout for the entire year.

If you haven’t already signed up to EsportsBet, head over to the website and check out the new customer offers that are available — you might be able to get yourself off to a winning start in the best way possible. Customer service is available 24/7 and if you’re ever unsure on something, they will help to alleviate any concerns you have.

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