How to buy crypto on EsportsBet and bet on esports with their expert analysts

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With the explosion of competitive gaming in recent years, esports betting has started to become ever more commonplace, with fans and punters able to place money on their favorite teams or esports. Crypto sports betting platform is looking to ensure bettors get the best results with their Betting Alpha Community, giving power to the people to do their own research and improving the chances of winning.

Combining two of the biggest booming markets of recent years — esports and cryptocurrency — EsportsBet lets users stake their Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana, and 9 other crypto assets on different events across esports, streamers, and sports.

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EsportsBet’s Betting Alpha Community is where ESB’s specialists and analysts provide data and reasoning behind what to bet on across multiple genres.

They can advise on what to look for in a winning team, specific events to focus on, and provide the data to help bettors make the best picks possible, all while being able to stake their crypto on the site.

Who is EsportsBet? is a crypto-only sports betting platform with a commitment to elevating the esports viewing experience. The founders of ESB recognized how much more fun watching esports became when they could leverage their analytical prowess and competitive spirits, and competitive spirits, and help other esports fans make money in the process. 

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EsportsBet is a crypto-only sports and esports betting platform.

Years were spent developing the quantitative framework used to evaluate and compare teams and players, even the underlying Web 3.0 technology that powers ESB’s systems. ESB makes their framework public so users can do their own research on the same data used to curate the odds. This transparency is provided to allow analysts to build more conviction and feel more comfortable with the betting decisions being made. 

The firm is committed to fostering a community of the most passionate and skilled esports fanatics and detail-oriented analysts to promote the fun of sports betting, while teaching others how to leverage it as a force for good. 

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With the most available markets, lowest spreads, and highest cash back rebates, EsportsBet puts clients first to curate the healthiest betting experience in the world. With countless safety measures in place to preserve competitive integrity, a world-class, human customer support team, and AI-fueled odds algorithms, ESB is pushing to bring responsible crypto betting to esports’ most dedicated fans.

How does it work?

When you join the EsportsBet Discord, you’re able to access all the channels where bettors and EsportsBet employees discuss upcoming matches, good value picks, and their data-driven predictions for matches across multiple titles.

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Once you’ve joined the Discord, you can head over to the #alpha-predictions channel, where specialists regularly provide insight into the top matches of the day. For example, they predicted G2 to topple T1 at the League of Legends Mid-Season Invitational, ending T1’s streak with an incredible 4x win.

These are predominantly in League of Legends, but EsportsBet also offers markets across CS:GO, Valorant, Dota 2, Rocket League, and many more.

Better yet, new customers are able to benefit from EsportsBet’s first loss rebate program, where you can return up to 100 USDT of your first loss. Terms and conditions apply, but it’s essentially a risk-free bet! Not only that, but you can also earn a number of other bonuses — all you have to do is reach out to customer support staff on their site or on their discord to learn more.

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How to buy crypto and add it to your EsportsBet account

If you’re new to the crypto space and looking to buy some, it can be a daunting prospect, but with crypto on the rise once again, now might be the perfect time to get in.

To invest in cryptocurrency, you need to select a broker or exchange to buy it from first. This could be eToro, Binance, Coinbase,, or a number of others, though those are the most popular.

After you’ve signed up for one of the above, you can link your traditional bank account or make a deposit using your debit or credit card, buying into whichever crypto asset you want to hold.

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ESB offers over 10 different cryptocurrency options, depending on your region.

Once you’ve done that, it’s easy to add your crypto assets to your EsportsBet wallet. After you’ve made your account or signed in, simply click on the Wallet in the top right-hand corner, and you’ll be presented with a bunch of options.

There will be separate addresses for all possible crypto wallets, from which you can simply copy the code and transfer from your main crypto wallets.

Alternatively, there’s an option that says “1 click 2 buy crypto,” which takes you to a page with the option of how much money you want to spend in your native currency, and which crypto you’d like to purchase and transfer straight into your EsportsBet account. ESB also utilizes MoonPay to give users direct access, should you prefer that.

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Once you have funds in your ESB crypto wallets, you’ll be able to start staking on your favorite esports!