Spider-Man 2 has a shocking ending that some think is “shoehorned”

Rory Teale
Spider-Man 2 Ending

The newly released Spider-Man 2 has shocked players with a surprise ending, but not everyone was a fan of the twist, with some claiming that it felt forced.

Players loved the original Marvel’s Spider-Man developed by gaming studio Insomniac, with the game receiving rave reviews and winning awards, leaving players desperate for a sequel.

Insomniac delivered on players’ need for a sequel in 2020 when they released Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales, with the main character Miles Morales being praised as “one of Brian Michael Bendis’ best creations since Ultimate Spider-Man.

Now in 2023, players have been getting stuck into “stellar sequel” Spider-Man 2, and have overall been enjoying it, with iconic Marvel comic characters like Kraven the Hunter and staples like Venom featuring in the game.

However, players weren’t satisfied with the ending to Spider-Man 2 and complained that it felt “shoehorned” compared to the rest of the game which they found fantastic.

Spider-Man 2 ending confused players

Warning: Spoilers Ahead

In a thread where players shared their thoughts about the game, the top complaint that the community rallied around was disappointment and confusion as the ending: “Am I the only one who thought: Norman teaming up with Otto for the next game seems REALLY Shoehorned?

byu/ckareddit from discussion

In the end scene of the game, we see Norman and Otto team up in what players suspect will be the main storyline for the next game, but for some the two villains working together just didn’t make sense: “It just feels really strange. Otto wrecked Norman’s political career, exposed him as engineering one of the most if not the most deadliest bio-weapon ever created, and on top of that… tried to kill him.”

But others, given the tumultuous relationship between the two villains, couldn’t see the partnership lasting long, and are fully “expecting one of them to “backstab the other within 5 mins.”

However, some Spider-Man 2 players disagreed with both sentiments, finding it to make perfect sense that the two would put their differences aside, citing Norman’s love for his son as the primary reason: “Norman is losing it and is putting his ego aside since he truly does care for Harry.”

Whether players enjoyed the endings or not, they are overwhelmingly in agreement that the combat and gameplay of Spider-Man 2 felt fantastic. If you felt that you missed something during your first play-through, check out some of the guides Dexerto has on the game – like “Where to get Hero Tokens fast & how to use them.”