Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 players love the game’s most shocking reveal

Patrick Dane
Cletus Cassidy in Marvel's Spider-Man 2

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is a game full of twists and turns, but players are appreciating one of the most shocking reveals and some of the interesting foreshadowing leading up to it. Of course, spoilers are below. 

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 tells a world-threatening story bringing in some of the hero’s biggest villains. From Kraven, Lizard, and Venom, the main campaign story is huge in scope as is the rogues’ gallery they’ve managed to add to the game. It’s a fun romp that ties all of them together in a relatively satisfying way

However, those three aren’t the only bad guys in the story. Indeed, there are others throughout the game that you can meet and face off against in side missions. These exist outside of the main story, and if you neglect to play them, you’ll miss out on some of Spider-Man’s biggest villains – or teases for future villains.

One reveal in particular stands above the others as particularly shocking, with one of Spider-Man’s darkest and most violent enemies revealed, and the community appreciates Insomniac’s work leading up to it. 

Major spoilers for The Flame sidequest below

At the end of The Flame side quest in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, Peter Parker and Yuri chase down the titular cult leader. However, it’s revealed at the end of the mission that The Flame is actually Cletus Kasady, and he steals a red Symbiote from Oscorp before disappearing. As fans of the comics will know – this is setting up a future appearance of the ultra-violent Carnage

One user on Reddit took to appreciating the foreshadowing of the reveal. In a thread titled “In retrospect it was kinda obvious” with over 2.6k votes as of writing, user Hbimajorv shared two images of paintings from earlier in the mission that appear to show symbiotes, including a red one attacking a person. 

Despite this foreshadowing though, many didn’t put together the clues until the big reveal. One user said: “I didn’t immediately call him out as Kasady, since his projection and lighting made it hard to tell if he was a ginger, and of course, I’m used to Cletus being more of a knife/slasher type of killer and only a part-time arsonist.”

Another wrote: “I honestly didn’t see it coming until he pulled the symbiote out of the train and started saying the Crimson Hour “shall bring truth, judgment…” They continued “I started freaking out because then I knew he was about to finish with Carnage”.

A player added: “Didn’t take him seriously until a bit later and the thought of him being Carnage just never crossed my mind a single time until that line.”

Insomniac did a great job with the reveal, and it’s clear many didn’t see it coming until it was too late. That is always the sign of a well-executed mystery. The question now is just when will he turn up next. In upcoming DLC or a sequel? We will have to see. 

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