Mizkif becomes a god with the new SMITE x OTK crossover bundle

Mizkif's upcoming Thanatos skin in SMITEHi-Rez Studios

Mizkif will soon be landing as a playable character inside of Hi-Rez’s SMITE thanks to a brand-new bundle that allows players to bring the pain as their favorite streamer. 

From the recent Slipknot crossover to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Smite has a long history of bringing beloved pop culture pieces into the Battleground of the Gods.

This time around it’s Mizkif joining the fight in the game’s next update, the next step in his ongoing Smite Month campaign.

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What is the Mizkif bundle in Smite?

Smite's launch screen featuring Bellon, Thor, and Skadi.Hi-Rez Studios
Hi-Rez’s MOBA is getting an OTK-themed makeover throughout June starting with the Mizkif bundle.

Rinaudo’s signature pack contains several items that are tied to directly to his brand.

The biggest piece of the puzzle is the eggheaded Mizkif Thanatos skin, but it also contains some other goodies as well:

  • Mizkif Announcer pack
  • Egg Head Ward
  • Peepo Avatar and Global Emote
  • Heavenly Light Chest

While Smite Month chugs along, viewers can also collect free Twitch drops with exclusive unlocks just by watching the event unfold over on Mizkif’s channel.

There will be free unlocks for popular Gods in-game, as well as a few rare skins like Pro League Bellona and Twitch Ymir just to name a few.

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All of this is leading up to the OTK Smite Invitational on June 27 where 40 creators will be coming together to duke it for a 100k prize pool.

There will be further exclusive unlocks for this event as well, so be sure to tune into the stream and connect a Smite account to grab up all the free goodies.