Super Smash Con 2019: GimR explains why Hero is ‘broken’ in Ultimate

Published: 10/Aug/2019 0:24 Updated: 10/Aug/2019 1:39

by Brent Koepp


Super Smash Con 2019 is underway, and Dexerto talked to VGBootCamp founder and Smash legend Calvin ‘GimR’ Lofto about Hero being broken in Smash Bros Ultimate, and how to fix him.

GimR has been in the Smash community since the beginning, and has helped grow the scene with VGBootCamp – the largest streaming company for Smash Bros.

He’s also considered one of the best ‘Mr. Game & Watch’ players in the US, and at one point was ranked 15th on the MD/VA/DE Smash 4 Power Ranking. Talking to D’Ron ‘D1’ Maingrette, the American Smash legend dove into Hero and his thoughts on how he could impact the game’s competitive scene.

Hero is broken

When asked if he thought the latest Smash character Hero would ruin the integrity of the Smash competitive scene, GimR gave an in depth analysis of the character. 

“So I think he’s broken, but not broken in the sense that the community uses. We actually use the term incorrectly. We say broken, when someone is really really good. Hero is broken in the sense that is there things about him that don’t mesh competitively.”

While some feel he is overpowered, the Smash pro thought he was more flawed than anything else. “But at the same time he’s not a good character. That’s the problem. His frame data is bad. His recovery is total trash. Like it’s really really bad. So I just think he needs some slight tweaks,” he said.

Twitter: @VGBC_GIMRGimR is considered one of the best Mr. Game & Watch players in the United States.

Not one to just point out his weak points, GimR also provided the ways he thinks they could fix him: ”I think his damage output and his knockback output needs to be shrunk, but in order to make up for it, they need to make his frame data a little better. I think if he did that, he wouldn’t be doing stupid things.”

He continued: “It’s really his other specials with the knockback and percentages that I’m worried about. So if they tone that down, and make him better overall I think he will be a great character. The RNG element will be more like Game and Watch and Peach, where it adds an extra level of suspense.”

NintendoHero is currently ‘broken’ in Ultimate.

GimR’s take on Hero’s controversial skill

Despite the controversial skill ‘Thwack’ being seen as overpowered by some players, the Mr. Game & Watch main doesn’t seem too impressed by it. “I don’t really care about it. It rarely kills, unless you are over 100%.”

He then explained why the move is pretty flawed, as it leaves players open to attacks. “He has to have the menu open for 40 frames before he can even do it”, pointing out that the skill has some room to be countered. 

Despite his criticisms of Hero, GimR wanted to see Hero make top 8 at SmashCon. ”I really want to see some random Hero make top 8 and get some wins with some RNG” he said laughing.

If nothing else, Hero at least shakes up the meta in an interesting way for better or worse.

Super Smash Con 2019 runs from August 8 – 11, so make sure to stick with Dexerto for more updates, interviews, and more.


Smash Ultimate pro Tweek unveils new 9.0.2 fighter tier list

Published: 30/Nov/2020 17:42

by Michael Gwilliam


Super Smash Bros Ultimate pro Gavin ‘Tweek’ Dempsey has revealed his newest tier list for patch 9.0.2, and it includes some pretty surprising fighter placements.

Tweek has been one of the top Smash players for quite some time and has been known to change up his characters, making him one of the biggest threats in any tournament.

While global health issues have shut down most LAN events in 2020, the TSM star still practices and shocks fans with highlight-reel plays on social media platforms and Twitch.

On November 29, the 22-year-old uploaded his newest tier list. While he admitted to not have given it “much effort”, the list still contains his general thoughts. So it’s likely that some fighters could probably be switched around ahead of others while remaining on the same tier.

Joker with Arsene in Smash.
Joker takes the top spot on Tweek’s tier list.

First and foremost, the Smash star gave the top slot on the whole roster to Joker, who remains an elite fighter despite some nerfs to Arsene.

Even though no one has achieved the same level of success on Joker as the world’s top player Leonardo ‘MKLeo’ Lopez Perez, the Persona character’s kit remains strong in the right hands. Not to mention that Arsene is one of the biggest threats and arguably the best passive ability in the game.

Just after Joker is Pikachu, who consistently remains a top tier in almost every Smash title. Thanks to his insane recovery and small hitbox, fighting a good Pikachu can be like trying to have a lightsaber duel with Yoda.

Surprisingly, Tweek placed Mario above Peach, Zero Suit Samus, and even one of his mains in Wario. It’s really unclear exactly why he feels this way, especially with Peach main Ezra ‘Samsora’ Morris being just behind MKLeo in the PGR.

Hopefully, he ends up making a more detailed video with his thoughts so he can dig into why Mario is ahead of some of the game’s most elite characters.

Going a bit further down the list, Tweek has both of the game’s newest fighters with Steve and MinMin in B-tier. Steve has been a bit underwhelming since release, but no one has really risen up the ranks with the Minecraft fighter yet. Meanwhile, MinMin may be a major sleeper, but her weakness to close-quarters brawls may be holding her back.

Min Min grabs the ledge
Min Min is stuck in B-tier for now.

Finally, the C-Tier is as you’d expect: Little Mac, Ganondorf, and Dr Mario round out the bottom three and for good reason: they all seriously lack recoveries. Hopefully, the next time there is a big balance update, those fighters get some quality buffs to their recoveries so they move up a tier or two.

It’s unlikely that we see another balance update until a new fighter is released. With The Game Awards on December 10, one could very well be announced there and released soon thereafter. Until then, however, expect patch 9.0.2 to remain the current meta for a bit, especially if no new fighter is revealed before the end of the year.